Our Mission


To maximize social relationships for mutual financial benefit through transparent, cutting edge technology.

What is Sou Sou?

“Sou Sous” are jointly-owned savings plans with its beginnings in Africa dating back centuries. It facilitates the pooling of resources amongst family or friends towards a common goal. This universal social system provides a unique savings opportunity for its members. In light of the advent of credit checks, and the ever increasing need to provide formal job letters and pay slips, a significant portion of the population has been unable to access loans or even open banking accounts: hence the viability of the Sou Sou.

How does Sou Sou Savvy Work?


Sou Sou Savvy provides a reliable hassle free, touch of a button Sou Sou management App. This web and mobile application platform is free to be used online or downloaded and allows the Sou Sou Manager and his member’s access to a suite of premium services such as

Accountability and transparency with all members

Push notifications to remind you and your members about paying dues and whose turn it is to receive a hand

Pay-out calculator and calendar tracker

Get big discounts

Do more with your “hand” or cash pay-out

Invest in projects for bigger returns


Safe & Secure

Your account information is 100% protected

Send money to family and friends

Through our trusted finance management partner, Paywise, you can transact cash from person to person through any of the established online banking services or at any NLCB lotto booth.


The platform facilitates transparent circulation of funds approved by the central manger


Use Sou Sou Savvy to automatically notify all participants on their hand payments and times they receive their own payment disbursements

Savvy Tips

Instant notifications help you save, time, money and avoid human error mistakes

A Day in the life – Before and after Sou Sou Savvy


Millions of hardworking persons who participate in the Sou Sou system via old school paper and pen mode of accounting. That’s simply unacceptable, so we created a better way.


Traditionally the Sou Sou system was tracked with pen and paper


Digital tracking of Sou Sou Systems at the touch of your phone


Stranger danger. Anonymity of persons within the Sou Sou; This info was only known by the manager or “casa”


Transparency of all accounts and information being transacted within the Sou Sou


Risk of Sou Sou information being lost or spread without authorization


Quick, easy, reliable online tracking of all person in a secure Sou Sou Vault system Accountability


Lack of information and transparency creates lack of trust


More information that answers the fears of who is in the Sou Sou and what stage the process is at


Money transacted in cash person to person. This leaves room for theft, accidents, miscalculations etc.


Online record of monetary transaction backed by an electronic Verified receipt or payment


Technology limited to simple programs such as excel and tedious online money transfer


State of the art cutting edge technology supporting the Sou Sou system

We do all that we can with the resources we have. Sou Sou Savvy is designed to take the guess work out of the Sou Sou System. We are your go-to cash management, tracking and notification tool


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